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Juli 2020 Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversitt: Doctoral Programme in Medical Science (Ph. See TfM There is no fixed use for user pages, except that usually one's user page has something about oneself, and one's talk page is used for messaging. In den USA, sterreich und einigen anderen Lndern, nicht jedoch. . In general, if you have material that you do not wish others to edit, or that is otherwise inappropriate for Wikipedia, it should be placed on a personal web site. Note : Redirects from userspace subpages to mainspace are common and acceptable. Dies geschieht in den meisten Fllen, wie bei anderen Promotionen auch, nach einer Verteidigung und der Publikation der Promotion. Besides communication, other legitimate uses of user space include (but are not limited to Significant editing disclosures (voluntary but recommended) Things other editors may find helpful to understand, such as alternative accounts (if publicly disclosed) If you. These apply to user talk pages as well as all other discussion pages on Wikipedia. Extensive personal opinions on matters unrelated to Wikipedia, wiki philosophy, collaboration, free content, the Creative Commons, etc.

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Dies ist geschichtlich auf eine kaiserliche Entschlieung zurckzufhren, nach jener das praxisnahe chirurgische und das theoretische medizinische Studium zu einem vereint wurden. The links Special:MyPage and Special:MyTalk are shortcuts that take any user to their own user and user talk pages. (For example in the latter case, because it is pure original research, is in complete disregard of reliable sources, or is clearly unencyclopedic for other clear reasons.) Communications unrelated to Wikipedia, with people uninvolved with the project or its related work. Openly disclosing such interests increases respect, invites others to help, and shows a desire to edit appropriately.) Notes related to your Wikipedia work and activities Current or planned articles, topic areas, to-do lists, reminders, articles worked on, accolades and other successes, collaborative. User talk notification "WP:orange" redirects here. User pages and user subpages can be transcluded and substituted, so they behave like templates, and can be tested as such. To preserve traditional leeway over userspace, other kinds of material should be handled as described below unless otherwise agreed by consensus. Subpages tagged for deletion will be deleted if there is no overriding reason the page must be kept.

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Your in this context means associated with you, not belonging to you. Individual revisions, log entries, and other user space material may be deleted or redacted for privacy reasons or because of harassment, threats, gross offensiveness, and other serious violations. Blatant promotional content may qualify for db-g11 tagging. Wikipedia is not a general hosting service, so your user page is not a personal website. Wikipedia's guideline on user pages "WP:UP" redirects here.

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For IP editors, templates and notes left to indicate other users share the same IP address. Unsuitable pages, media and images in userspace may also be nominated for deletion or (if appropriate) speedy deleted, but special care should be taken as the user may be expecting leeway and take it personally, and there are a few exceptions. See also user page design center, our user name policy, and more about, wikipedia users. It is still used for unregistered users and for registered users who have manually enabled. Content clearly intended as sexually provocative (images and in some cases text) or to cause distress and shock that appears to have little or no project benefit or using Wikipedia only as a web host or personal. 13 14 Das sterreichische Medizinstudium wurde im Zuge des Universittsgesetzes 2002 auf Diplomniveau gesetzt; seither ist es mit einer Regelstudiendauer von 12 Semestern das lngste Diplomstudium und vom Arbeitsaufwand von 360 ects befllter als ein Bachelor- und Masterstudium mit kumulierten 300 ects. Excessive unrelated content Unrelated content includes, but is not limited to: Writings, information, discussions, and activities not closely related to Wikipedia's goals See TfM A weblog recording your non-Wikipedia activities. Categories and templates intended for other usage, in particular those for articles and guidelines. But, contrary to what you might expect, no new tab has been created for "subpages for example, containing a list of all of your subpages; everything on your User page is unchanged.

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Das unbefugte Fhren dieses Titels als einen akademischen Grad (z. . Exceptions to this can be and are made on occasion for good reason. Less blatant cases are routinely deleted at WP:MfD. Courtesy vanishing Wikipedia's community traditionally offers a courtesy vanishing to users who are permanently departing Wikipedia and will sever all ties with the site. Some users place the retired template on their user and talk page to let others know that they are away for an extended period or permanently. Protection of user pages See TfM See also: Wikipedia:Protection policy  User pages As with article pages, user pages are occasionally the targets of vandalism, or, more rarely, edit wars. You can also force a portion of text to be ignored by adding!- in front of it and - after it, or by adding a colon before "Category like this: :Category:Bridges to force a category link to act like a plain wikilink. Old unfinished draft articles See TfM Unfinished userspace drafts may be moved to draft namespace or listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Abandoned Drafts for adoption by other editors if the original author no longer wants them or appears to have stopped editing.

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Categories, templates that add categories, and redirects Further information: WP:Categorisation  Categorizing user pages Do not put your userpage or subpages, including draft articles, into content categories. You have a new message from another user. This is normally sufficient for most people's needs. You can create these subpages yourself. Editors may not use their userspace to solicit compensation for their Wikipedia contributions. In: Forschung Lehre 7/09, 2009,. . 7 Context should be taken into account. If a "vanished" user returns, old pages associated with them may be undeleted or unblanked, and could be linked to any new account they create and disclosed at RFA ; if this would be a problem, consult ArbCom by email beforehand.

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Further information on this area is at Wikipedia:Talk page guidelines, in particular the sections on appropriate conduct, inappropriate conduct, and norms related to editing your own and others' comments. Classic or enhanced Recent Changes, the number of titles in Recent Changes and the watchlist, etc. Die PhD und Doktoratsstudien an der MedUni Wien, abgerufen. Mainspace material may be copied to userspace for short-term, active drafting or experimental purposes (the template userspace draft can be added to the top of the page to identify these). If there is material you do not want copied, reposted, or reused, do not post it on the site. Typing the project page prefix User: (User followed by a colon) will provide search results for the "User namespace". Administrators may protect their own user pages when appropriate, and are permitted to edit protected pages in user space. There is no need to keep them on display, and usually users should not be forced to. When edit wars or vandalism persist, the affected page should be protected from editing. Vandalism of talk pages is less common.

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(Editing must always be neutral and within encyclopedia norms. 2, inhaltsverzeichnis, in Deutschland ist zur Erlangung des Grades eines. This includes schools, military installations, WiFi hotspots, and other shared IP addresses, but not dynamic IP addresses. Quivalenzabkommen Deutschland-sterreich, BGBl 2004 Teil. D.), abgerufen. Januar 2012 im Internet Archive ) Slowakisches Hochschulgesetz 131/2002 vom. Ownership and editing of user pages See TfM This section applies to all pages within your user space. You can prevent this while the article is being drafted, by putting tlx between the and the template name, like this: tlx stubany parameters.

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